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Day 1 : Meeting at the border. ( Posof or Aktas border ).
Driving to Kars. On the way (if we took group from Aktas) visit Çıldır lake and have short break.
In Kars we will visit ; The Cathedral of Kars, also known as the Holy Apostles Church is a former Armenian Apostolic church in Kars.
Hike up to Seljukian Fortress ( Kars fortress) and have great view of Kars city.
In city centre we will visit ; Kars War museum , which was used as redoubt during Russian - Ottoman wars, Old Kars Caucasen Republic Parlemento building, Old Kars local governement building, Old Armenian streets, Greek churches (Converted to mosque), Many buildings from Dutch arthitectures (From 1st wold war)...

Have a lunch in Kars and continue to Ani Ruins.

In Ani there will be too many Armenian churche examples. By the churches you will see old city walls, hospital, baths, city caves, sil road, bridge, karavansaray, Seljukian fotress and mosque, Georgian church...

Overnight in Kars.

Day 2 : Drive to Igdir, Aralık.
Drive up to Mount Ararat to visit old Akhuri ( Yenidogan ) village which was old Armenian city on Ararat.
Here we will be able to see Khor Virap church which is in Armenia. Have great view of Ararat and visit old cemetary cross stones.

Arrive to Bayazit. Have a lunch.
Continue with visiting Ishak Pasha Palace which made by Ottoman Empire in 17th cc to have control of sil road in area.
We will climb up to Urartuan Castle (Knows as Kan Castle by locals), see Ahmedi Hani tomb.
Continue our trip with visiting nomadic villages and mountain path to reach Noah's Ark National Park.
Here you will see shape of Noah's Ark on ground. ( Many scientist belive it is from real Ark), visit Noah's Ark museum, on the way back have chance to see second biggest meteor crater and Iran border.

Day 3 : Dogubayazit to Van

In the morning after breakfast drive to Van.
On the our way we will pass Tendurek Volcano. Have a break at Muradiye waterfalls.
In Van will visit : Urartu Castle, Meher door, Van cats farm.
After city tour we will drive 40 km more to place where ferries goint to Cathedral of Holy Cross or known As Akdamar (Ax Tamar Church).
It is one of the most beatifull Armenian church in Van region.
Swimmin in Van Lake.

Have a lunch by the lake.

After sunset drive back to Bayazit and overnight.

Day 4 : Transfer to border or to airport.